The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands lies halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii

Getting here is easy with flights on Air New Zealand, Jetstar and Air Tahiti as well as domestic flights between the islands with our national carrier Air Rarotonga.

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The Cook Islands receive Trade Winds from May-Oct, ranging from 15-30kts. In addition to the trade winds Aitutaki benefits from passing Low Pressure Systems in the tropical belt.

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On the rare occasion there is not enough wind Aitutaki also offers very good diving and fishing.


Aitutaki means little paradise and is the world’s most beautiful lagoon.

Choose from a range of accommodation options. Luxury villas, resorts, hotels and holiday homes & apartments.

The best kiteboarding in Aitutaki requires boat transfers out to the sandbars ‘Honeymoon’ and ‘One Foot’.

The Honeymoon Island sandbar provides an especially easy and safe environment to learn kitesurfing that also caters for kiteboarders looking to improve their aerial skills.

Locally owned

Aitutaki Kite School is the only locally owned IKO Kiteboarding School in Aitutaki.

We are specialists in Kitesurf Holidays and Kitesurf instruction.

We believe this is one of the best kiteboarding locations in the world for a kite school and the best conditions for kitesurf lessons anywhere!